Former Microsoft China Academy of Engineering and the former development

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Former Microsoft China Academy of Engineering and the former development director Huang Jiangji Google China Hong Feng, senior product manager. Produced by Inventec OEM mobile phone,Unlock Mobile Phones operating system used is based on the depth of the Android system optimization, customization, development of third-party mobile operating system MIUI. Turning to company founder Lei Jun millet Why do millet phone, said that the development trend, China’s future mobile Internet world. Smart phone users and application will carry most of the demand, although in the past many years, spent a lot of money to buy mobile phones. From Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, to the iPhone, there are a lot in the course of such a bad signal, in broad daylight disconnection dissatisfied with millet phone 2 as a senior mobile phone enthusiasts, know that only highly integrated hardware and software to the good results,Apple Unlock Mobile Phones  have the ability to enhance the user experience of mobile Internet, based on the ideas and ideals are, there are a bunch of passionate entrepreneurs with a dream partner, contributed to make millet phone driving force. Millet phone 2 is the world’s first 28 nanometer quad-core 1.5GHz processor, high-end smart phones, by the media as “the king of performance”, “performance monster.”

Millet phone performance indicators Millet phone provides various mobile phone accessories, including film, lanyard, color covers, back cover, headset, bag, SD cards and other products. 2GB memory to run large, Blackberry mobile phone 4.3-inch high-definition Retina screen 1280x720IPS high PPI, the second-generation back-illuminated 8-megapixel back-illuminated CMOS camera head, comparable to the XBOX game consoles and other hardware GPU display configuration to make them the most current global performance Powerful phone.

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